The Liminal Degree


The Liminal Degree is many things, including this place, where I am exploring ideas through writing.

I once heard someone say that a thought is not complete until it is written down. While I don’t entirely agree, there is still an essential truth to this; a truth which is also at the heart of my approach here.

If you want to know why I don’t entirely agree, you simply have to open any number of websites or social media feeds and you’ll very quickly encounter many written thoughts which are clearly unfinished. It is true however that writing, just like speaking or any form of expression really, extends and evolves thought; it can take an idea further, and that is what I am hoping for here.

All media are extensions of some human faculty – psychic or physical.

The Medium is the MASSAGE, Mashall mcLuhan & Quentin Fiore, 1967

So this is a place where I can get some thoughts out of my head so that they may grow.

Mostly I’ll be paddling around in the pools of:



#esoteric #occult

#magic / #magick


Sometimes there may be #poetry

The knot is never untangled, the poem never finished

From the conversation turning point

Her cornered eye catches

Impressions of a tale

Spinning always out of sight;

Desired despite knowing

Grasping ends the giddiness

Because I’m a tweaker, a perpetual knob twiddler, someone who finds it difficult to finish things, I’ve decided to publish often and redraft live. So the version of this page you’re reading now may well not be here tomorrow. I want to allow posts to ferment and evolve.

As a reader this may seem unsettling, but for me, as a writer, it’s truly liberating.

~Last Edited: 13 November 2022~